Moving Checklist

Moving associate you with stress, fatigue and mess? Do not be. Moving does not have to be stressful if you get down to it with his head. Here are some tips on how to organize a move in the least burdensome way possible. The move can be arranged independently or by movers.

Where to begin?

You should estimate how much stuff we have to take with you. How many and what are the furniture, how many CDs or books (per carton). It is estimated that two-bedroom apartment on the need approx. 20 cardboard boxes with dimensions 55cmx35cmx35cm. This information will be important not only for packaging (required cartons), but also the valuation of the move. It is worth to do chores with his things and decide which ones should be discarded and which ones to take. If you’re using movers all this information will be important in order to be able to choose the right car and the number of people to help. It may happen that a given person found or changed at the last minute list of things cause big trouble, additional costs and, above all, unnecessary stress – because the car will be too small, because too few people arrive to help with the lifting heavy furniture, etc.


moving start


Complete a set of cardboard boxes and plastic bags or use those provided by the moving company. Currently, many companies have it in their offer. Everything you can, you might want packed in cartons, because it makes it much easier not only to put together and organize things, but also the transport itself. Books and records must be packed in moderation. Too heavy cardboard can be entertained. Electronic and glass, for example. Utensils should be further secure bubble wrap. Carton such materials must also be additionally marked, for example. “Note the glass!” Or “Delicate”. Separately pack glass, porcelain, etc. The best wrap these things bubble wrap or brown paper / newspaper.

moving how to start

Appliances such as Refrigerator or freezer must be defrosted. Of all the appliances of this type is necessary to remove the movable elements: shelves, grids, drawers. The equipment can be protected with foil.

Plants best transported in specially marked boxes with holes so that the flowers had to breathe. By marking the company of removals keep extra precautions.

Large pieces of furniture also need to thoroughly protect: close the drawer (those that are not locked, you can tape up) keys taped to the appropriate furniture, remove all moving parts, eg. Glass shelves in the cupboard.

If you are planning transportation of antiques is best to choose a company that has the experience. Skilled in the art will draw up a list of precious things, and will be responsible for their safety. If you have custom furniture, for example. Huge mirror, or a piano, so inform the transport company. The mirror can be taped with tape in the shape of an “X”.

How to choose a moving company?

Look for the right company can be a classic – call to company, sending e-mails, etc. You can also save yourself time and stress by issuing a notice on If you prefer to organize everything themselves and see if it is worth paying attention primarily on whether the company is licensed to carry on their activities and appropriate insurance.

moving company


The carrier is obligated to buy a special OC transport. The protection usually involves responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the goods entrusted to the carrier. If you are looking for companies to relocate internationally must have its additional liability insurance carrier in international traffic. An additional advantage of the company will be insurance liability insurance type of business movers and insurance ALL RISK that gives protection even in the event of theft.

Help with moving stuff

Looking for the right company it is good to keep in mind that the transport company is not the same as a removal company. It must also indicate whether the same carriage (car driver), or assistance in loading. The most important is effective communication. On the client side, this means: accurately describe the list of things to carry and their expectations of movers, eg. Packaging stuff, bringing stuff, etc. The valuation of the move will be important addresses and dates of loading and unloading of how many people will be needed to help like.

Very important to know whether the building has an elevator. Apart from transport should ask the company movers: disassembly / assembly of furniture and loading and unloading goods.